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Disclaimer | Terms and Conditions of Silicon Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd

It is crucial to establish written Terms and Conditions to safeguard the interests of both the client and the service provider. Your access to Silicon Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd’s website signifies your exclusive agreement to these Terms and Conditions. This disclaimer is authoritative and should not be copied, replicated, or reproduced in whole or in part, nor passed to any third party. Use of the website for any unlawful or prohibited purpose is strictly forbidden.

This legal document governs the relationship between both parties, and in case of a breach, the service team reserves the right to take legal action in accordance with applicable laws.

General Terms and Conditions

Terms of Payment

Silicon Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd provides Free Quotes to its esteemed clients.

Terms of Service

Service terms encompass the project scope and services rendered to the client. Clear communication with both the client and contractor ensures a precise understanding of client ideas and service requirements.

Service Disclaimers include

  • No warranty
  • Client-provided materials
  • Service request timelines
  • Usage of natural resources
  • Time-to-time inspection of work

Silicon Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd undertakes activities as agreed upon. Additional services are agreed upon within specified limits, with the client providing a clear project brief outlining requirements.

Completion of Tasks

Silicon Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd completes work on or before the scheduled time.


The company will redo work within the specified expiry date. Changes may include quantities, specifications, schedule, and other aspects outlined in the quotation.

General Disclaimer

Policies, including the expiry date, are subject to change. Clients may request changes and adjustments before the provided date.

Legal Formalities

  • The contract must be in writing, clearly stating disclaimers.
  • Inclusive of Consideration, specifying services to be performed for the client.
  • Acceptance and acknowledgment, usually in the form of a signature.

Conditions Applied

  • Maintain privacy of client-provided information.
  • No duplication of data.
  • Non-disclosure of information without prior written consent.
  • Viewing or keeping copies for personal use only, no commercial usage.
  • The company is not liable for damages during data handling.

Protection of Data

Information provided to Silicon Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd may be used to contact clients about relevant products or services. Project and personal data are treated as confidential.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the court of law, and users submit to exclusive jurisdiction.

Alterations in the Website

Format and content changes on the website may occur without prior notice. Website operation may be suspended for support, maintenance, updates, or other reasons.

Contact Details

For queries regarding Terms and Disclaimer, Contact Us:

Silicon Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd
PO Box 81 Edwardstown
Adelaide South Australia
Postcode 5039
ABN: 73627732290
Contact: +61 431 334 750
E-mail : info@siliconec.com.au
URL : https://www.siliconec.com.au/

The Company is liable only for works carried out, not for defects in existing installations or parts not manufactured by the Company. The Company is not responsible for loss or damage caused by customer actions.

By proceeding, you freely accept all the enumerated Terms and Conditions.